Kayna Cassards

Kayna Cassard, MA, MFT

Psychotherapist, Sexuality Specialist,
Relationship & Intimacy Coach

California’s Premiere Pelvic Pain Expert for Vulva Owners and those that Love Them

I believe that every person has an innate desire and ability to reach their potential.

Liberate sensuality

Deepen intimacy

Ignite passion

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About Kayna

I was 19 years old when I had my first experience of pelvic pain and what was called a “sexual dysfunction.” I was scared about what it meant. Doctors did not know what was going on or how to help. I felt frustrated and directionless in any hope of healing.

Now, I’m happy to be pain-free after a team of specialized healthcare providers helped me learn that the pain was not only physical but psychological as well. I bring these tools to you and my clients. This program helps clients learn to identify the lifestyle changes that are required to reduce stress, manage pain, communicate better with others, find and express their voices, exercise better, eat healthier, and love their bodies and themselves more deeply.

You are not alone in your struggle. Connect today with this resilient community of women like you who have received the tools to tailor their pain treatment goals for healthier and more pleasurable intimate lives.

Growth my clients have had in this program

Healthier sense of self

Deeper connection with their partners

More connected experiences

Healthier relationships to sex and increased playfulness

The tools and skills necessary for relieving or reducing pelvic pain are the same needed to exchange one’s overall life

Greater confidence in body and sexuality

A more integrated life with sexuality and relationships

Enhanced sensuality and eroticism

More investment in their lives and relationships

A sense of community with other women and couples who have grown as well

Service Offerings


Therapy solves extreme problems as well as prevents deeper problems in the future.


Often times, couples begin to lose track of the reasons that brought them together.

Pelvic Pain

Join our community of resilient women supporting each other on their journey to healing.


Online coaching and informative online classes are available for individual or couple’s needs around psychological well-being, sexual health, relationship, and sexual functioning topics.

Kayna Cassards
Do you want to know how the 5 Proven Pillars of Chronic Pelvic Pain Relief can get you on the path of healing?

Expert Recognition

I began referring to Kayna’s program because I realized that she understands the importance of providing psychological treatment for women suffering with chronic pelvic pain. Her approaches incorporate proven techniques and research-based information which, as a gynecologist and a leading researcher on pelvic pain, is important for me to know that what she offers is credible and scientifically supported.

On a personal level, I am so grateful to have a knowledgeable and valuable resource such as Kayna to refer my patients to when I determine that they need additional support for their treatment beyond medical protocols. My patients who have been clients of Kayna’s have expressed joy and appreciation to have her experience and unique method as a part of their health care plan. I would highly recommend women struggling with chronic pelvic pain to invest in their overall well-being and chronic pain healing by utilizing Kayna’s specialized treatment program.

Dr. Andrea Rapkin, MD, OB/GYN, UCLA, UCLA Pelvic Pain Clinic
“It is important to me that the client creates a place that is their own, where they can grow and explore themselves in a safe environment.”
Kayna Cassard